Our Story

Three chords and the truth? What is it without the truth? There’s a good bet it means nothing to a kid at the front of the stage. ABOVE IT ALL is different. It’s a groove with air to breathe, driven by rich intensity.

Out front for 
ABOVE IT ALL are the guitars and vocals of Reece Clark and Josh Roa-Martinez. For Reece, with seven solid years of stellar songwriting and performing across the southwest, this 18-year old phenom is primed to explode. Josh has been writing great music and touring across the U.S. for nearly a decade. This duo is a music powerhouse! The foundation for ABOVE IT ALL is behind the kit with the recent addition of Devin Uhrig. He produces the thunder from the back of the stage! The rhythm section is completed with killer base lines, courtesy of Caleb Evans. This 19-year old not only teaches music, but has been a student of all things bass for the better part of a decade.

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An amazing sight is when fans are drawn in by the honest and emotional lyrics that ABOVE IT ALL weaves into their songs. The power of music is when fans of all ages can’t turn away from a significant memory in the making.